WOCAD is the Swedish women organisations' collaborative body for issues concerning alcohol and other addictive substances.
We classify narcotics and certain other drugs as addictive substances.


WOCAD wishes to contribute to a social environment without harm and abuse as a result of alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances such as sleeping tablets and tranquilisers.

WOCAD is primarily involved in preventive activities in these subject areas from a woman's perspective with the following aims:
  • Disseminating information
  • Increasing understanding of the connection between use and harm
  • Stimulating debate
  • Influencing attitudes and values
  • Following and supporting research
  • Working with these issues at national and international levels


The highest decision-making body is the Annual General Meeting. The executive body is WOCAD's Board which is elected by the AGM. The office of WOCAD is situated in Stockholm. Contracts, service certificates and job descriptions must at all times be available for the personnel of WOCAD.


The AGM grants memberships. Women organisations that constitute national organisations or equivalent and that wish to act in accordance with WOCAD's aims can be accepted as members. The member organisation pays an annual charge which is decided by the AGM.

4. AGM

The AGM is held before the end of April. Regardless of the number of members, every member organisation affiliated to WOCAD has the right to send five delegates to the AGM. Every member organisation has one vote. All delegates have the right of free speech. Notice of the AGM is sent to delegates and member organisations at least four weeks before the AGM. The annual report, auditor's report, proposals from the Board, motions accompanied by the Board's comments and draft agenda are forwarded to the delegates no later than two weeks prior to the AGM. A motion for an AGM can be called by a member organisation's Board. WOCAD's board must be in receipt of the motion at least six weeks before the AGM. The Board of WOCAD is entitled to take part in WOCAD's AGM and has the right to make comments and proposals and to vote with the exception of the granting of discharge from liability for the past financial year. The AGM has the right to nominate.

The following must take place at the AGM:
  1. Election of chairman and secretary
  2. Election of adjuster and vote counter
  3. Establishment of electoral register
  4. Notice of those authorised to attend meeting
  5. Establishment of agenda
  6. Board's Annual Report and financial statement including balance sheet and income statement
  7. Auditor's Report
  8. Decision on discharge from liability
  9. Decision on WOCAD memberships, where appropriate
  10. Decision on proposals presented by the Board, where appropriate
  11. Consideration of motions
  12. Decision on annual charge for member organisations
  13. Decision on fees, subsistence and travel expenses
  14. Decision on business plan and budget
  15. Election of Chairman for a term of one year
  16. Election of board members for two years. Four board members are elected every year. Election of four substitutes for a term of one year.
  17. Selection of two auditors and substitute auditors for a period of one year
  18. Election of an election committee consisting of five board members, one of whom is appointed convener for a period of one year
  19. Other matters


A special annual meeting must be held when the Board or auditors deem this appropriate or when requested in writing by no less than 1/3 of the member organisations. A notice and agenda are sent out no later than three weeks prior to the meeting. The special annual meeting may only decide on matters listed in the agenda.


The election committee consists of five board members, one of whom is appointed convener. The members of the election committee are expected to be familiar with WOCAD and its member organisations and what is required by a WOCAD board member.


Anyone belonging to one of WOCAD's member organisations can be elected to the board.

The board is made up of nine ordinary members. An ordinary member should be able to be re-elected twice. However, this does not apply to the Chairman. In-between AGMs, the business is managed by the board which is made up of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and ordinary members elected by the AGM. The board elects its own officers with the exception of the Chairman.

The board constitutes a quorum when at least half of its ordinary members are present. The board convenes in accordance with a meeting plan set by the board or on the request of at least three ordinary members.

The board appoints a working committee within its ranks. The working committee consists of one Chairman and a Deputy Chairman and ordinary members who retire by rotation. One substitute is elected to the working committee every year.

The board must:

a. Manage business and draw up WOCAD's policy in accordance with the intentions of the AGM
b. Implement decisions made by the AGM
c. Be responsible for WOCAD's organisation, finances and staff
d. Make decisions regarding contracts and salaries
e. Appoint staff
f. Be responsible for WOCAD's archive
g. Be the responsible editor of WOCAD's homepage, social media and other digital channels.


The financial year and administrative year are calendar years.


Auditing must be completed and the report issued no later than three weeks before the AGM.


Decisions on changes or supplements to these statutes are made by the AGM with a majority of at least 2/3. Proposals for changes in the statutes must be sent out at least four weeks before the AGM.


Dissolution of WOCAD requires a decision by two consecutive annual meetings of which at least one must be an AGM. There must be an interval of at least two months between the meetings. A decision on dissolution requires a 2/3 majority at both meetings. If WOCAD is dissolved, then any remaining assets shall be assigned to alcohol and drug research for women unless the annual meeting decides otherwise at the time of dissolution.


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