WOCAD's member organisations


Federation of Swedish Leftist Women

Feminist Initiative

Forum - Women and disability

The NGO Girls` Zone

The Green Party´s Committee on Equality

IOGT-NTO, Sweden

LP Woman

The Left Party's Network of Women

Hand In Hand For Women

HOPP National Organisation Against Sexual Abuse

The Moderatewomen


Riksorganisationen Qvinna

Riksföreningen Kontraktsmetoden

ROKS/The National Organization for Women's Shelters and Young Women's Shelters in Sweden

Swedish dentist nurse association

Swedish Association of Midwives

Swedish Federation of Liberal Women

Swedish Medical Women's Association

Swedish Society of Nursing

S-women/The National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden

The Women's Club Council of the Swedish Abstaining Motorists' Association

The Women's Committee of SIMON (Swedish immigrants against drugs)


WCTU in Skåne

1,6 Million Club for Women´s Health







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